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The World today is on a verge of facing a serious crisis of Energy, Fuels and sources that can be used as energy generators.

Electricity is one such energy form we are totally dependent upon for our day-to-day activities. All Industrial and Commercial activities consume Electricity as the basic source.

However, these days, traditional sources of electricity generation are limited and also tend to be more pollution prone. Such sources are not only limited, but also are very costly and non-renewable. Tough we are coming up with new sources of generating electricity, such as Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Tidal Energy and many more; generating Electricity by such renewable & eco-friendly sources needs huge economic investments. Moreover, amount of Electricity generated using such sources is not economically proportionate to the investment done.

Then how are we going to face such situations? How are we going to tackle such difficulties?

Till the time we discover some source of generating electrical energy, the simple solution to the problem is – TO SAVE.

Saving what we have right now can itself become the source of electricity.

Today, there are many products available in the market who claims to provide the solution to save on Electricity. However, such products also needs some considerable investments, installations for them might need some modification in your existing infrastructures leads to inconvenience & costly. Many of such products them-self needs electricity for their operation.

Considering all the scenarios above, E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card have come with a wonderful solution: E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card …!!

The E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card is one of the unique innovative products which mainly use proprietary vibration waves with 21st Century US GERMAN NANO technology. This device is so user-friendly and available in a size like a simple debit card.

This wonderful product is very useful & effective in saving electricity, primarily at Residential, Commercial & Industrial areas. It helps reducing heat and EMR wastage of electrical energy leading to effective & maximum utilization of energy, leading us to save on our electricity bills.

Depending upon the type & amount of electricity usage,E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card helps us achieving cut-down on our Electricity bills with remarkable Upto 30%.

How It works?

E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card is one the unique innovative product of 21st Century which primarily works towards saving Electricity. This card is designed with a US GERMAN Nano Technology, which helps reduce the Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) and EMR by great extent.

At all the house-hold appliances, Industrial & Commercial Machinery where primary source of operational energy is Electricity, an EMF and EMR is tends to get generated unavoidably.


This unwanted EMF leads to loss ofelectrical energy. Meaning we are paying for the electricity which we did not use. Such waste electrical energy is known as ‘Dirty Electricity’. So, the scenario is as follow:

Total Electric Energy (TE)= Actual Utilized or Consumed (UE) + Wasted Electric Energy (WE)

E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card works on a scientific theory of Ions. The card stabilizes the harmonic wave, controls spikes and reduces wastage from heat and EMF, thus giving an added benefit of prolonging your electrical equipment.

This theory was invented way back in the year 1880 by the Nobel Prize winning Physicist Pierre Curie and Jacques Curie, which was known as Piezoelectricity. The materials which are Piezoelectric produces such negatively charged ions when applied stress.

E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card is a specially designed card with multiple layers of special piezoelectric materials (Morganite, Tourmaline, Ceramic and Germanium). Card generates a large amount of Negative Ions, which help to reduce the electrical distortion in cables. Due to these Ions, the distorted waveform of the Electricity received tends to be more normal & streamlined. Such streamlined Electricity waveform can lead us to save around 15% to 20% Savings. E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card has the capability to generate 9,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter with active life of 5 years.


Benefits of E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card
Frequently Asked Question

Unlike the other electricity saver products available in the market, E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card needs no alteration in your existing electrical cabling system. There is no need to do any separate installation provision. You just have to stick the card & it will start functioning.

Yes. It’s absolutely legal to use E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card, as to use this card we are not at all tampering the Electricity services provided by the Government Authorities. This card does not contain any type of circuit or any such means that will adversely affect the billing system.

Ideally the Ion generating capacity of the card is life-long. However, we assure you that the card will be functional for 5 years & will be helping you save electrical energy & save on your precious money.

E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card saves electricity based on the size of the household or the commercial/Industrial usage. The card will help you save on 10% to 30% of electricity energy. If you consider the amount of money over the period of a year, the savings you will achieve will be a considerable amount.

We are very sure that this will not going to happen. E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card is surely going to save the electricity energy. However, if you are not satisfied with the results, you just have to return the card without any damaged & we give you 100% money back. (Handling & Shipping charges are applicable). You have to produce 4 months electricity bills while using E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card and 2 months before using the card.

How Many Cards Needed
The number of E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card required will depend on your monthly bill amount. The table below serves as a good guideline:
If Your Monthly Bill Is Number Of Cards Required
500 to 2500 1
2500 to 5000 2
5000 to 7500 3
7500 to 12500 5
12500 to 25000 10
Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee Policy (MBGP)

1.            E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card is selling at best price.

2.            Register yourself for MBGP by submitting the MBG form enclosed herewith or by filling it online/offline within 30 days after purchase of card

3.            You are required to install the E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card within 2 weeks from the purchase date

4.            The MBGP is applicable only after 6 months of installation of the card

5.            Complaints for MBG would be entertained only within 30 days after completion of the period mentioned in point no 4.

6.            Submit past 6 months electricity bills along with a photo of card installation to eworld016@gmail.com

7.            If the copies of electricity bills cannot be delivered within the time specified above, any replacement request will not accept by company

8.            If the card is damaged by any means, it will not be considered for any sort of refund

9.            Once proven no reduction in electricity bills during the next 6 months after installation of E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card, email us the electricity bills, purchase receipt and we will refund the amount to you

10.          Once the company approved the refund, you'll be notified by email and you are required to return the E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card to the company

11.          A handling and shipping charges will be imposed

12.          Refund will be solely at the discretion of company

E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card : Operating Explained

We live in a digital world now. We have invented so many appliances to make our life easy and today all are surrounded with many such appliances, devises which consumes electricity as the major source for operation. These appliances include

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)
Battery charging devices (for cell phones, tablets, etc.)
Fluorescent tubes
Heating and air conditioning (HVAC) units
Computers and laptops
House Hold Ovens & other appliances
Washers and dryers
Stereo systems
Heavy Machinery used in Industries
Cell Phone Towers
Electronic Switch Boards
Importance of saving Electric Energy

Energy is something which is a necessity to all human beings. We consume energy for our various needs depending upon our requirements. We have discovered various devises, mechanisms, machineries, tool & equipments which made our lives much easier than ever before and this search & innovation seems unending. Also, to make such things functional, we have invented many ways to convert energy in to the required forms... say electricity, petrol, diesel, nuclear energy and the list is still counting...

However, during all this journey of progress, we harmed our nature like never before. We have consumed the natural resources at the disastrous extent, many of them are non-renewable ones. Pollution is one major problem we all are dealing with. Time has come when we all have to take this problem very seriously and pull up our sleeves to take some prominent action to fight back. Saving our Mother Earth must be at the highest priority.