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Terms & Conditions

Money Back Guarantee Policy (MBGP)

1. E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card is selling at best price.

2. Register yourself for MBGP by submitting the MBG form enclosed herewith or by filling it online/offline within 30 days after purchase of card

3. You are required to install the E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card within 2 weeks from the purchase date

4. The MBGP is applicable only after 6 months of installation of the card

5. Complaints for MBG would be entertained only within 30 days after completion of the period mentioned in point no 4.

6. Submit past 6 months electricity bills along with a photo of card installation to eworld016@gmail.com

7. If the copies of electricity bills cannot be delivered within the time specified above, any replacement request will not accept by company

8. If the card is damaged by any means, it will not be considered for any sort of refund

9. Once proven no reduction in electricity bills during the next 6 months after installation of E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card, email us the electricity bills, purchase receipt and we will refund the amount to you

10. Once the company approved the refund, you'll be notified by email and you are required to return the E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card to the company

11. A handling and shipping charges will be imposed

12. Refund will be solely at the discretion of company